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Orindo Global Business Plan?

Orindo Global Business Plan is a business plan introduced by Orindo Global Pvt Ltd. is part of Orindo Global Nutracos Group of Companies. Orindo Global Nutracos Pvt Ltd. formerly known as well INutracos Pvt. Ltd.

After successfully working in traditional Business since last one decade in Pharmaceutical Productions and Marketing, Now we are entering in to Direct Selling Industry as per the market demand. We are committed to explore our R&D and Innovative Health Care Products in whole India as well as Global Market. Orindo Global is Committed to provide the best Organic, Herbal Extracted and Global Standard “Wellness & Cellular Nutritional” to supply adequate levels of minerals, Vitamins and gives to allow the Immunity System to make you Stronger, Younger and Healthier.

Orindo Global CMD Surender Nath Sharma is an Organic Scientist & Life time Researcher. He is CMD of a company named Bio Serum Laboratories Pvt Ltd. It has been running since 2010 (official and nonofficial) and situated in Haridwar, Uttrakhand, where he prepares formula of multi organic products that company provide organic products to traditional market.

Orindo Global MD Devashish Mishra is a Businessmen, Social Worker & Networker. He is leaving in Delhi and operating NGO and Invested in many traditional companies, along this he involves in Networking Industry also.

Company Vision

To establish the company as a research based company for the healthy society, using our essential moral values of Ayurveda and bio-science with latest technology and to be the global leader in health care with our innovative R & D work on ancient Indian Vedas, Organic Herbal Products and Ayurveda through direct selling business module.

Company Vision

To provide the best health care and life care products of high valued global standard vedic research, scientific evaluated with innovative techno science by direct selling industries. As well as we are trying our best to generate a rewarding opportunity and fruitful life for our independent business associates, shares holders, employees and the users.

The most unique concept ever for those who believe in Genuine, Legal and Ethical, which was a requirement for network marketing, Friends, we want to assure you that you have never seen such a business plan and income with Petro card , nor will you ever hear it.

Friends MLM has a dependent on company’s product quality, education system, support system, training, vision of the company, which is best with Orindo Global.

Orindo Global’s Immunity Power Booster Product is a single product that will take the company to the world level. The quality of this product is so tremendous that the company will compete at the world level. The company’s VISION is to launch the company out of India in 2020. And the business plan is so tremendous that anyone can take great income and can easily fulfill their dreams.

How To Join Orindo Global Business Plan

Join us soon by looking at the plan of Orindo Global and to fulfill all your dreams, one has to select one of the 3 package packages for the registration free ID activation.

  1. 1000 / –
  2. 5000 / –
  3. 15000 / –

Whatever package you select, you will get package benefits.

  1. A green tea product in 1000 package or a tour package 3 days 2 nights.
  2. An immunity power booster product in the package of 5000 or a tour package 3 days 2 night with 2000 food coupons.
  3. An 15,000 package of immunity power booster products and two tour packages 3 days 2 nights with 2000 coupons.

Orindo global is the first and only company in MLM, which is giving petrol to its leaders for expansions, that too for 12 months.

5000 / – = 500 × 12

15000 / – = 1500 × 12

Orindo global business plan

If we start with 5000 then we get a product of 5000 and we will get a petro card, so that we can put 500 petrol or diesel every month for 12 months (500 × 12 = 6000).

Starting from 15000, petro card costs 1500 rs. Come to 12 months (1500 × 12 = 18000).

How to Earn Income From Orindo Global Business Plan

The company provides income in 6 ways which is like this.

1. Dividend Royalty up to 1,75,500

You can call it single leg or non-working income which the company divides according to its turnover.

2. Direct Sponsoring 5%

3. Matching Bonus -7%

4. Appreciate Royalty 5% to 15%

The company provides royalties for 24 months which is very easy.

• 5% Company Turnover

When customer do 2 to 9 Direct Sponsor, then the company divides 5% of its trunover. As soon customer do 2 Direct Sponsors, 5% will come in Royalty Holder (Minimum 500 Maximum 2000).

• 10% Company Turnover

When customer do 10 to 24 Direct Sponsor, then the company divides 10% of its trunover. As soon as customer do 10 Direct 10% will come in Royalty Holder (Minimum 2000 Maximum 5000).

• 15% Company Turnover

When customer do 25+ Direct Sponsor, then the company divides 15% of its trunover (Minimum 5000 Maximum 15000).

5. Leadership Bonus up to 10th Level from 50% to 0.5%

• Level 1 – 50%

• Level 2 – 10%

• Level 3 – 5%

• Level 4 – 3%

• Level 5 – 2%

• Level 6 – 1%

• Level 7 – 10 – 0.5%

Customer will get 50% of our binary income as much as our level 1 will be joining, as if there is a joining in level 1, its binary income is 80000 / – then customer get 50% of its 80000 40000 / -. All your direct sponsors will be in Level 1. The level of joining in level 1 will be in your level 2, in this way you can reach this level of 10 levels.

6. Rank Royalty & Rewards

  1. Trainer = 2 Direct + 50 Pair = Bike Finance or 15000/ –
  2. Senior Trainer (1%) = 4 Direct + 200 Pair = Kwid Car Finance or 70000/-
  3. Manager (2%) = 6 Direct + 1000 Pair = Breeza Car Finance or 250000/-
  4. Director (2%) = 8 Direct + 5000 Pair = Fortuner Car Finance or 1000000/-
  5. Diamond Director (2%) = 10 Direct + 25000 Pair = Audi Q5 Car Finance or 4000000/-
  6. Crown Diamond (2% + 2%) = 20 Direct + 100000 Pair = 4 BHK

How to Join Orindo Global Business Plan

Please Click Here or follow the below link to join Orindo Global Business Plan

Company Address and Contact

Address : D-112, 5th Floor,
Near Karur Vyasya Bank,
Okhla Phase-1
New Delhi 110020

Final Review of Orindo Global Plan

Orindo Global Plan is the Best and Legal Product Based MLM Plan, which is successfully running for the last 5 years in traditional business and started MLM Plan recently in a very positive way which attracts the new Customers for Mainly Petro Card and Company, grows and become stronger day by day.

Orindo Global Plan is not a Money Rotation MLM plan or scheme, Company generates income from their traditional business and Product base concept then shares profit with their members.

In view of the response in marketing, Company has really a strong base as I am working here since December last year and my experience says, company is giving payment on time to everyone, and it will run may for longer. Now you can say This Company is risk free and liability free as we are getting Products here with Petro card.

Note: We are not associated with the company or company management. We are only providing reviews about the Business Plan. So invest only at your own risk. We don’t recommend to join any company or any plan so before joining or investing Do proper research at your end and only invest after you are satisfied.

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